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From The Pastor

Photo of Pastor Mark Rigg Rev. Mark R. Rigg, Pastor

Greetings from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Once again this year I write to you from the midst of my doctoral work. And, once again, I want to thank the people of Advent for their support. A classmate here said that he had been asked by several church members how his "vacation" was going! How blessed I have been by all of you: you know and trust that I am working hard to be a better leader at Advent.

It is difficult to be away so long. One of the books l am reading for class talks about an experiment conducted by Stanford Business School. In it they compared business negotiations conducted by email, by phone, and in person. It will probably not surprise you to hear that, while digital communication was a useful tool, it was the face-to-face work that really made the difference.

We have known this in the church and synagogue for three thousand years. Letters and messengers and emails and video phone chats are all good as far as they go. Indeed, they are a great gift (ask the people to whom Paul sent letters!). But nothing replaces personal contact -- the hug, the handshake, the meal shared together.

I guess what I'm saying is this: I value this time of continuing education, and I am grateful to be able to send you a letter from Minnesota. I am learning a great deal, and I hope to share much of it with you. But, even more, I am excited to be back with you at Advent. To worship the Lord Jesus together in our wonderful sanctuary and to do ministry together in his name.

Pastor Rigg

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